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New Car 2018 - Self Driving Cars 2030. Hyundai plans for 'fully' self-driving cars in 2030 - Roadshow - Hyundai is investing heavily in self-driving cars and expects autonomous cars to appear on our roads by 2030. Self-driving, or autonomous, vehicles made possible through networking and advanced computer systems have piqued the interest of automakers and technology firms worldwide. Hazard sensors . Welcome to Volvo Trucks' official home on YouTube. Please remember to subscribe today! Volvo Trucks is the second largest producer of heav By 2030 you won't own car as they death spiral oblivion - Electric, self-driving car shares will bring an end to more than 100 years of individual vehicle ownership by 2030, according to RethinkX, a Californian research group (stock image).. Self-driving cars could mean 50%decline in demand by 2030 - Shared self-driving cars could dramatically hurt the demand for personal car ownership in the US, according to a new study by the consulting firm KPMG..

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Expert: Self-Driving Cars Will Eliminate Traffic Jams by 2030 - Imagine a future where self-driving cars, trains and buses are all seamlessly connected through an app, where traffic jams are a thing of the past and redundant car parks have been turned into green spaces. This could be the world we live in by 2030, says Cathis Elmsäter-Svärd, Chairwoman of Drive .. TEDx is an international community that organizes TED-style events anywhere and everywhere -- celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global. Fully self-driving cars expected by 2030, says forecast - (Credit: Google) Self-driving cars (SDC) that include driver control are expected to hit highways around the globe before 2025 and self-driving “only”.. .