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New Car 2018 - New Cars 2025. Report: 1 in 6 Cars Sold in 2025 Will Be Electric - The march towards electric cars will continue to accelerate. By 2025, 1 of every 6 cars sold will be electric, according to a new study by Swiss global financial . Los Angeles Auto Show -VW I D Crozz Concept Makes U S Debut Before 2020 Launch VW has confirmed that the I.D. Crozz Concept will spawn a production model U.S. Sets Much Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards - The New - The rules, first proposed last year, would require new cars and trucks to average 54.5 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving by 2025.. 5 Future Trucks and Buses in this video i showed Top 5 Future Trucks and Buses . Here is list 1.Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz is showing this spectacular Obama Announces 54.5 mpg CAFE Standard by 2025 - The ambitious new standards have encountered strong opposition from automakers, who suggest that the rules will mean large increases in cars' sticker prices..

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37% of Norway’s new cars are electric. They expect it to - 37% of Norway’s new cars are electric. They expect it to be 100% in just 8 years. Trump’s policies may mean U.S. workers miss out on the electric vehicle revolution... Hyundai Motor Group has announced that it plans to launch a total of 38 new eco-friendly cars by 2025. With the ambitious plan, the group aims to cement . Ford announces plans for 50 new vehicles in China by 2025 - Ford launches intense effort to compete in China, plans 50 new vehicles by 2025. Despite seeing sales fall in China, Ford Motor Co. continues to fight to be .. The hubble space telescope is falling The hubble space telescope is falling The Hubble Space Telescope, as imaged during the last and final servicing . hyundai verna 1.6 crdi e full review price interior exterior features engine specifications 2019 2020 in hindi english global technical education usa auto